The Board is responsible for setting strategic direction, making strategic decisions and seeking assurance that services are delivered in a safe, caring and effective way. The Board has responsibility for managing risk and engaging patients and all stakeholders. The unitary Board is led by a Non-Executive Chair and composed of executive and Non-Executive directors.

The organisation operates according to a set of rules which are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In addition to the Board, the following committees are chaired by the Non-Executive directors:

  • Audit committee
  • Quality and Workforce committee
  • Finance and Performance committee
  • Nomination and Remuneration committee

The Non-Executive directors, together with executive directors form the Board. Other key members of staff are invited to attend Board. The first part of the meeting is held in public and minutes are made available on request. The second part of the Board is confidential, and this is where commercially sensitive matters are discussed.

Non-Executive directors are key members of the team who provide assurance, scrutiny and individual skills and support. They carry equal corporate responsibility with executives but are not responsible for the day to day running of the business. They are expected to have high level chairing skills.