Improvement in detecting Sepsis

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In 2016, Primary Care 24 identified a key clinical priority, Sepsis.

PC24 started a collaborative project with NHS England, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aqua.

We aimed to calculate the NEWS2 score (a way of measuring the risk of sepsis from clinical examination of the patient) in ill patients being referred to hospital with possible infections such as pneumonia, kidney infection and meningitis. We believed that this could potentially save lives.

We set ourselves a target of 75% and improved the score from a very low starting point to over 85% and rising, a real culture change.  This helps people with possible sepsis to get the best treatment possible.

We‘ve presented this work at several conferences and are continuing to work locally and nationally to develop this work, in particular working with hospitals and GP surgeries to embed NEWS2.


Here are some highlights of our work so far
e-learning for health example of best practice.
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