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Dr Suzanne Fletcher descibes working at PC24

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GP Dr  Suzanne Fletcher has four children and regularly works through the night and at weekends but she thinks she has the perfect job…


There’s no Monday morning feeling for Suzanne, who is a salaried GP with PC24.
“I never have that sinking feeling. I’ve finished my weekend stint doing something which I don’t think of as work. I just love it,” said Suzanne, who has established a satisfying work / life balance in her role with PC24.

Having decided surgery wasn’t the career for her, and moved into GP work in Lancashire, qualifying in 2009. She realised that she didn’t want to go into routine general practice and started working on a part-time basis with PC24.


“I love the cut and thrust of dealing with sick people who need help, and I regularly work through the night – working whilst my children sleep. It’s a great career choice for working mums.”

Suzanne is able to carry out triage over the phone from her home in Billinge near Wigan, as well as working in one of the PC24 centres.

“You need to be fast, safe and decisive, which we are and that suits me. In my years with PC24 I’ve seen between 11,000 – 12,000 cases. I know my colleagues have the same ethos. We have a team, which is very much part of the PC24 family aiming to deliver a world class service with the support of a fantastic company, which wants to do the very best for its patients.”